Eliza Ponds Land Estate Home Grown Hero Announced!

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Humble, modest and passionate

Humble, modest and passionate are just a few words used to describe Norm Dale, winner of the local Home-Grown Hero Award, sponsored by Eliza Ponds Land Estate.

The award set out for find local heroes going above and beyond the call of duty as volunteers in the City of Cockburn. Among all of the nominations, it was Norm’s passion for the community that saw him take out the top prize. Celebrated as a devoted supporter and advocate for people less fortunate, his ongoing leadership has resulted in Friends of the Community donating more than $120,000 across a total of 30 charities.

From providing morning tea at events to rubbish collections, the 78-year-old retiree said it’s rewarding beyond words, “a lot of pleasure, fun and keeps me fit”, he said

Since the charity’s inception in 2006, Norm’s dedicated more than 120 hours a month fundraising for children, the aged, disabled and disadvantaged. Restored from old caravans, FOC’s food and beverage vans frequent local charity events across Perth, providing food, coffee, ice-cream and support to anyone he can help.

One of his initiatives provides at risk teenagers with financial assistance to continue their higher education year 11 and 12and assists families going through hardship with food parcels and community inclusion. “I wouldn’t call myself a hero at all but it’s really nice to think someone else does”, Norm said.

“We were blown away by all of the outstanding nominations and proud to see how many amazing volunteers we have in the Cockburn community” Brad Carey Eliza Ponds Land Estate Development Director.

According to the judging panel, finding a winner among all of the worthy entries was tough but one thing they could all agree on was giving a special mention to runner up heroes, Ron and Marian Hetherington.

Bringing together all walks of life, the couple have been dedicated Mall Walking Leaders for almost 20 years for Cockburn Gateway’s Mall Walking Group through the Heart Foundation Mall Walking Program and at Garden City Shopping Centre through COTA.

Every Tuesday morning, the pair leads a hearty group of 20 regular and loyal Walkers around the shopping centreand finish off with a stretch, coffee and a chat.

“It’s for health and social benefits too,” says Ron.

His sense of humour, extremely entertaining style of welcoming the Walk Group, technical perfection at stretches, and boisterous manner creates aconvivial atmosphere at Cockburn Gateway that can be best described as a party every Tuesday morning. Recovering from heart surgery, Ron says he’ll be back pacing through the mall soon and is humbled to have received an award accolade.

As for Norm, he isn’tshowing any signs of slowing down either and welcomes anyone to join his fleet of 30 volunteers. When asked how he would spend his$3K cash prize, Norm humbly said “the money will go straight back into the Friends of the Community fund to help more people.”