Coogee Golf Complex Moves Forward

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Driving Progress: Coogee’s Golf Complex Proposal Moves Forward.

The highly anticipated Coogee Golf Course, slated for publicly owned land just south of Eliza Ponds, continues to gather momentum with the City of Cockburn’s recent decision to update flora and fauna studies and conduct assessments. These actions aim to ensure compliance with relevant Aboriginal Heritage legislation, serving as essential prerequisites before determining the project’s next steps. This commitment reflects a dedication to preserving both the environment and cultural heritage.

As we cast our gaze toward the future, the Coogee Golf Complex project teeters on the brink of realization. The City’s Long Term Financial Plan has allocated a substantial $9.9 million for this venture, underscoring an unwavering determination to transform this vision into a tangible reality, should it be deemed feasible.

While it may be some time before the inaugural golfers’ step onto Coogee’s pristine greens, the journey thus far showcases an unyielding commitment to bring this dream to fruition. The horizon holds the promise of an exceptional golf course that will enhance Coogee’s appeal, providing a sanctuary for golf enthusiasts and a source of immense community pride.

For the latest updates on the progress of Coogee’s green dream, visit the dedicated page on the City of Cockburn website [insert link].

This article based on available information at 6/11/23.