New Park Opens In Stage 6

By August 15, 2023No Comments


We’re thrilled to announce the grand opening of the brand-new playground at Eliza Ponds, nestled in the heart of Stage 6. This vibrant and exciting addition is set to be a haven of laughter, exploration, and endless fun for kids and families alike.

Let your little ones soar to new heights on the state-of-the-art swing set, followed by an adventure climbing the rope ladder or down the slide. The impressive fortress invites young adventurers to conquer new challenges and create unforgettable memories.

For those seeking balance and coordination, our meticulously designed stepping logs and beams provide the perfect opportunity to showcase their skills, all atop a soft wood chip floor that ensures safety and comfort.

Sun-sational Safeguarding: We care about your family’s well-being, which is why our playground features a strategically placed sail shade, offering essential UV protection while still letting the fun shine through.

Comfort for All: While your little ones explore their world of imagination, you can relax on the conveniently placed bench seats, designed for parents to unwind, and cherish these moments of joy.

Surroundings that Inspire: The playground is nestled within lush, landscaped gardens and sprawling lawns, creating an enchanting backdrop for endless play. Discover a charming gazebo, complete with a table and bench seats, ideal for planning your next unforgettable picnic experience.

Welcome to a realm where laughter, adventure, and togetherness flourish. Join us today at Eliza Ponds Stage 6, and let the exploration begin! Our playground is open from sunrise to sunset!

Come and be a part of the excitement. We can’t wait to see your family’s smiles light up the new playground at Eliza Ponds in Coogee!